Case Manager – Housing Coordination – Seniors


Position: Case Manager – Housing Coordination – Seniors
Hours: 11am-7pm on Monday – Friday
Immediate Supervisor: Assistant Director of Programs
Department: Client Services

Position Purpose:
The aging process takes a toll on us all, but no people more so than those without a home. Every day, vulnerable seniors walk through the doors of Austin Street Center, seeking refuge from the harshness of the streets and hope that they will have a home again. Seniors have some of the fewest options available to restore a home, with fewer employment options and greater physical and mental challenges than most people who experience homelessness. The Seniors Case Manager will focus on our most elderly clients, assisting them to secure resources necessary to move out of the shelter back into a home. They will provide individualized, housing-focused case management assistance to a large caseload as well as assist with housing coordination activities such as ID Restoration and Move-Out Consultation to the shelter at large. We are looking for a smart, determined, hard-working, and detail-oriented social work professional with nerves of steel who can handle the demands of a vulnerable and challenging client environment. Do you stay focused and on track when chaos is all around you? Can you inspire vulnerable and sometimes difficult individuals to achieve the impossible? This position might be for you!

Primary Responsibilities:
• Individualized Case Management: assist program participants one-on-one to gather and upload documentation necessary for placement on the Housing Priority List, draft an individualized move-out plan, and connect program participants to housing possibilities
• Housing-Focused Case Management: assist large numbers of individuals in shelter to connect to resources necessary for them to be re-housed
• Data entry and quality management: document all services in the local Homeless Management Information System, including case notes and client enrollment and exit information with minimal missing data

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
• Bachelor’s Degree in social work or other human services field (psychology or sociology preferred)
• Valid Texas Driver’s License
• Ability to lift 25-40 pounds. Tasks may involve bending, lifting, and carrying heavy items.
• Customer service skills, especially when working with “difficult” customers
• Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
• Ability to innovate and embrace best practices in shelter and housing services delivery
• Ability to adapt to change
• Ability to communicate clearly with outside providers and partners, especially health care providers

Additional Experience a Plus:
• Successful work or volunteer experience in homeless services
• Bilingual in Spanish
• Training in Housing First, Motivational Interviewing, the Transtheoretical Model of Change, Harm Reduction, and/or Trauma-Informed Care
• Master’s Degree in human services field, especially in social work
• U.S. Military service

Qualified individuals, please send a resume to No phone calls, please.

Strong applications will include a cover letter which details how the applicant demonstrates the character qualities required for excellent performance in this position.